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Subscribe to our video podcast. Twice a week or so we will podcast a favourite clip from the series. Download them to your iPod or watch them on your computer.

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video podcast #1
season 02, episode 03: "The Porn Issue"
Remember your parents giving you "the talk"? Well... allow that feeling to marinate in the details of your parents' kinky sexual habits, add a pinch of porno to taste, and you've got a recipe for all kinds of uncomfortable.
video podcast #2
season 02, episode 06: "The No Regrets Issue"
Joey Stiglic. After years spent toiling in musical obscurity, the critical consensus is that it wasn't long enough. While his rhythmic stylings are a treat to behold, don't expect his album in stores any time soon.
video podcast #3
season 01, episode 01: "The Imperfect Issue"
The first chapter of the episode that started it all. From girl-eating dresses to full-blown familial conflict, this juicy nugget tackles the full spectrum of raw human emotion. And that's only in the first three minutes. More chapters to follow...
video podcast #4
season 01, episode 01: "The Imperfect Issue"
Chapter 2 introduces us to the wonderful world of Ethan Stiglic: older brother and insensitive lay-about par excellence. And yet, somehow Kale is still the one attracting all the negative attention...
video podcast #5
season 01, episode 01: "The Imperfect Issue"
Solution: Kale has become perfect. Problem: Dad resorts to stories from that non-stop train of humiliation known as childhood to keep fueling the maw that is his column. Consequences: the gloves come off.
video podcast #6
season 01, episode 01: "The Imperfect Issue"
After 17 years of obscurity, Kale finally gets published, albeit in a "breaking and entering for the purposes of exacting humiliating revenge on your loved ones" sort of way. A bit unorthodox, but to each her own.
video podcast #7
season 01, episode 01: "The Imperfect Issue"
What could be better after a long day of school then to come home and discover that you're a home-wrecker? To find out that your dad is MIA as a result, that's what.
video podcast #8
season 01, episode 01: "The Imperfect Issue"
Wracked with guilt, Kale's moment of truth is at hand. And kudos are in order, as she steps up to make the ultimate embarrassing sacrifice in the name of bringing peace to her family and her conscience...
video podcast #9
season 01, episode 01: "The Imperfect Issue"
The battle is over; peace has been restored. But, with a taste of the creative under her belt, Kale is still feeling the itch to write... A few cut and paste jobs and a little photcopying later, and "Our Hero" is born!
video podcast #10
season 01, episode 05: "The Shallow Issue"
Confronted by the possibility that she is... (gasp)... shallow, Kale has only one place to turn for objective analysis: inward. And what better way to dig deep than with a good ol' fashioned interview. Short but sweet...
video podcast #11
season 01, episode 10: "The Pusher Issue"
When Kale's chronically high boyfriend shows up to a Stiglic family dinner, Kale's parents decide it's time for "the drug talk" - complete with informative role-playing. Now that's edutainment!
video podcast #12
season 02, episode 05: "The Psycho Issue"
Kale's parents humour Ethan's comic pretensions by allowing him to (attempt to) teach others the art of stand-up comedy... right in the middle of Kale's basement workspace...
video podcast #13
season 02, episode 09: "The Winnie Crundel Issue"
Kale's got herself caught between a new boyfriend and teenage desires that cannot be tamed. What better way to cool things down than with a night of rhythmic gyrating to the devil's music?
video podcast #14
season 01, episode 06: "The Revenge Issue"
Ross has left town for a sexual identity confirming rendez-vous with a strange man. But Kale's busy with deep-rooted sibling rivalries, so it's up to Mary E to break the news to Ross' unsuspecting grandparents...
video podcast #15
season 02, episode 08: "The There's Probably A Word For This In Japanese Issue"
Aided by a dreamy stranger, Kale has a fun-filled afternoon helping kids and confronting personal demons. And just for good measure, she also leaves herself time to learn some profound life lessons along the way.
video podcast #16
season 02, episode 11: "The Secrets Issue"
You're visiting your new love interest's apartment - naturally, an ideal moment to be struck down by violent gastrointestinal distress! If this is a fear of yours, worry not! Follow Kale's step-by-step guide and you'll be sitting pretty...
video podcast #17
season 02, episode 13: "The Brown Issue"
And for our grand finale: a complex emotional crisis! Just before heading off to Mexico for the summer, Kale is whisked away for a romantic afternoon with Rollins in an effort to answer that age-old question... "What If?"
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